We do it all with our new home construction services in Bar Harbor, ME

A custom home is a major investment. When you start a new home construction project, you want it done right. Sandcastle Building Company, Inc. is a custom home builder that can give you the home you've always wanted. We'll handle every aspect of new home construction for you in the Bar Harbor, ME area.

Our thorough and detailed process includes:

An initial consultation for design ideas
Input from local draftsmen
Site clearing and land grading
Framing and foundation work
HVAC, plumbing and electrical installations
Landscaping for extra value and appeal

Reach out to Sandcastle Building Company today to discuss your dream house. We'll walk you through every detail so that you can see your new home build come to life.

Not a single detail overlooked

We believe that new home construction should include more than just the bare minimum. That's why we offer landscaping work as well. Your custom home builder will be happy to go over your ideal landscape design with you. Contact Sandcastle Building Company if you're ready to invest in your new house in Bar Harbor, ME.